My Best Wedding Day Advice


Yesterday I met a friend for coffee who is weeks away from marrying the love of her life and having the wedding she has always dreamed of.

She asked me if I had any advice to give. I laughed and asked, “Other than the archives on the blog?” (You know I love sharing advice!) After a few moments considering the best advice for a bride at the end of the wedding planning process and quickly approaching the day she says I do, this is what came to mind.

Be present.


As simple as that may sound, showing up as a wholly present person is a challenge. Many women spend countless hours of their lives growing up thinking about this day. According to the statistics, most of us spend fourteen months planning a wedding (which is entirely too long if you ask me). Combine a lifetime of daydreaming about the wedding day with a year or so of intense planning, and that can set you up for a serious case of perfectionism and even possible Bridezilla-like fits to make sure it lives up to your vision.

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A Summer of Anxious Hope and Rest

Headed to Governor's Island
Headed to NYC’s Governor’s Island with my “Roomies for Life”

This summer was far different from the one I imagined at the start of the year.

I hoped to spend it in grander ways, checking long-awaited goals off the list, like taking a lengthy vacation to Europe with my husband. But then, this spring, I parted ways with my job.

While it was a difficult situation, it was also a blessing. The summer kicked off by saying hello to the last year of my twenties. I attended a conference that reminded me of the basics of what it means to practice spiritual disciplines. Babysitting on the regular reminded of how much energy children require, but also how they delight your heart. I escaped from the busy city life and hiked multiple times.

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Five Things Friday: 9.12.14

Ok, five-ish. I have a lot to share with you!

image source:
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I can’t stop listening to The Art of Simple Podcast thanks to my friends with great taste over at Help You Dwell.

And speaking of dwelling, the things I am bursting at the seams to share with you this week are absolutely all about helping you life a better, fuller, simpler life.

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