Why I Dumped My Future Husband

August 2007
Me, Rachel, and Nick at an event while in college, August 2007

The story of how I met the love of my life looks entirely different than I ever imagined it would. Our story doesn’t start with love at first sight, or attraction from the beginning – it starts with friendship.

I got to know Nick because at the time, my roommate Rachel was dating his roommate. During our last semester of school, Nick became the token guy friend in our house of girls, who I’d often find sitting on my couch, hanging out post-run with my athletically -inclined roommate. The girls and I often joked that Nick must have a thing for one of us in the house, but he seemed content with our friendship. The most I knew of Nick was that he really liked sports and having a good time. Our friendship was loose, based on the relationships of others in the house. To put it bluntly: He wasn’t on my radar.

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Stitch Fix Friday: Fix #2

It’s Stitch Fix Friday! I first tried Stitch Fix a couple of months ago, and ended up with a fun printed top I have been wearing quite a bit this summer. This time around I tried to give more details about my style preferences and specifically, a few key items I’ve been missing in my wardrobe:

“I almost always prefer bold, jewel-toned colors near my face or soft neutrals. I have reddish-brown hair, green eyes, and fair skin. Working from home these days, so comfy and versatile chic is best. Items I could use: jean jacket, chambray shirt, printed shorts, a neutral cross-body bag, bracelet sets.”

Here’s what my stylist Noemi picked for me!

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On Making Hoboken Feel Like Home

My first 4th of July in NYC, the weekend I moved to Hoboken.
Nick and me at Maxwell Pier on my first 4th of July in Hoboken.

This summer marks my fourth year living in Hoboken.

It is hard to believe I’ve been here over 1460 days already. This is the longest I have lived in one area since my high school days. I used to hate change, but after half of my life being filled with it, it has become harder to settle in somewhere and embrace a place as home. My tendency is to always look towards the horizon and wonder what is next. This year, people we love who have been here since the beginning of my time in Hoboken are beginning to move. God is calling them elsewhere. After years of always leaving, it is strange to be the one who stays.  Continue reading